Simple product shots were needed, but the old parts of the bakery were so captivating the client and I decided to use it to our advantage to create something more special. We used wooden and dark backgrounds together to create strong contrasts for these delicious bakery products. Commercial Work.

Each of the products has a slightly different setting, showing the product in landscape and horizontal format as well as as a finished product and in the making, to maximazie the usage of the images in magazines, menus, social media etc. 

A vintage Nikkor lens was used for these images to create a soft dreamy image to counter the strong contrasts a bit. This way modern photography and old optics come together beautifully, but a good knowledge of analog photography helps to deal with manual focus.

All in all it was such a fun food photography job, seeing with how much love these products are made even for a large company was refreshing—and working with food is always rewarding.