About me

This would be the place to get to know me and my work better. Though a cup of coffee would probably do the job much better. Get in touch to learn what I can offer you.



I am a Swiss-born photographer, currently living and working in Berlin since almost 8 years. My background is in philosophy, but photography and creative work is in my blood from a very young age. It was always my preferred way of understanding the world and expressing myself. The graphic design side of me fuels my understanding of the hyperreal of photography and vice versa. A very fruitful cooperation.


Visual Language

With a subtle minimalistic approach, I strive to create work that is clear and uncompromising—for you and your needs as well as for my expressive work. In the applied arts it is about a triangle between the client, the audience and the artist. The only difference between private and commercial work is the emphasis on who is the audience, the clients as well as mine.



I work with a big range of media and equipment. Most of my private work is done on film, as this is the media that supports my process and focuses on the subject more so than on convenience. For commercial work digital equipment is non-negotiable. From artificial light in the studio to mixed light at your place or soley ambient, working with what is best for you is the main goal. 

Using Format