Embracing the Slow

Most of the pictures you see here are shot with alternative processes. Alternative meaning, they are not shot with digital cameras, but with various analog cameras and formats. Here I try to explain why.

About me

Being a photographer means of course handling all the technicalities. But it also means being able to think in different ways and sort of feel what other are passionate about.

Michael Berger


Seeing the world with the eyes of a photographer is deep in my DNA. Ever since I could lay my hands on my fathers Camera I started to see composition, lines, harmony and details we would usually just skip over. We can find beauty if we look for relations, rather than the extraordinary. We can uncover the special, if we look close rather than traveling far. We can say more, if we leave out rather than include everything.


My approach in photography has strong roots in my other profession. I studied philosophy and will keep doing so. We philosophers tend to dissect the world, we try to find underlying truths in our world and look for meaning outside the known boxes. By not getting thrown of track by trends, entertainment and spectacles, we keep values that matter.